Our privacy policy: Your privacy is important to us.  Due to the nature of our business, we ask that you provide us information about yourself and credit card information.  We will only use this information to provide you with our own professional wedding services.  Only upon your request, we will give your contact information to a third party provider, such as a hairdresser. This contact information will be shared by your request only. Under no circumstances will we share your credit card information with another vendor for any purpose. Your information is safe with us.

Our payment policy: A non-refundable deposit is required to hold the day & time. The balance is due 30 days prior to the ceremony. If you are within the 30 day period at the time of booking, full payment is required. We accept US checks, money orders, International Money Orders, Master Card or VISA (American funds only, please). If you do not contact us to pay your balance within 30 days of your scheduled ceremony, the wedding balance will be charged to the credit card you used for your initial deposit. We apologize but we cannot except Switch cards, Discover, or American Express. We do not accept checks within 6 weeks of the scheduled event.

Change of date and/or time: If you want to reschedule your ceremony, we will work with you as long as you give us at least 6 weeks notice and we have your new requested time and date available. You will receive an updated confirmation by email (only). A ceremony can only be rescheduled once. After that, the deposit would be forfeited. 

Change of venue: We do not accept venue changes (from Cocoa Beach to Paradise Cove or vice versa) once a deposit has been made. A new contract would need to be created, and your deposit would not be refunded nor applied toward a new package price.

Our cancellation policy: Unfortunately, events sometimes have to be cancelled. The non-refundable deposit will not be refunded. If you have paid more than our required deposit, we will refund the difference if it is necessary to cancel (as long as you cancel at least 30 days prior to your ceremony). If you have made the required deposit and need to cancel your ceremony, as long as you cancel within 6 weeks of your set date, we will honor your deposit at a later date. However, the package that you originally booked may no longer be available & your initial deposit will apply to currently available services.  If you cancel less than 6 weeks prior to your set date, your deposit will be forfeited. If you cancel 0 to 30 days prior to your ceremony, the full wedding balance will be applied to your credit card and will not be refunded.

Our late policy: It is very important to be on time for your ceremony - we cannot stress this enough. If you are late, do not expect to receive the same allotment of time that you would have originally received. Our late policy applies to every ceremony.

Fee Schedule: If the ceremony does not start on time, $25 is instantly added to your balance. If the ceremony begins 15 minutes late, an additional $25 is instantly added to your balance, so your late charges will be $50. If the ceremony begins 30 minutes late, we will either A) add an additional $50 to your balance, for a total of $100 in late charges, or B) cancel the ceremony, depending on the situation.

We do not collect a “security deposit,” “damage deposit,” or “cleaning deposit.” However, with any ceremony we are hosting, if you or your guests are littering or vandalizing the area, everyone in your party will be asked to leave immediately. The service, including any promises or obligations we have made to you, will be terminated without a refund.  In either case, your marriage license will be returned to you incomplete, and you will be held accountable for the damages. If you have booked limousine services with us, we ask that you don't track water and large amounts of sand into the limo after your ceremony. If anyone in the group plans to swim while at the beach, he or she must bring a towel and change of clothes so as not to ruin the leather seats inside the limo.  If there is damage to the interior of the limo because of water or sand, a $150 cleaning fee will be charged to your credit card. 

Decorations: We do not allow decorations other than the ones we provide to be set up at our ceremonies. No additional tables, chairs, aisle decor, or any other additions may be made to our packages. If you anticipate a larger number of people and would like to provide extra seating, we will give you the contact info for a licensed and insured company who can provide extra chairs. The only exception is for the bridal bouquet and bouquets for the wedding party, which you are welcome to bring with you. 

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, we will do everything in our power to work around it. Most of the time the rain in Florida passes quickly and is not an issue. If timing allows we can reschedule your ceremony with advanced notice. If the rain chances for the time of the ceremony are 80% or above or if there is lightning, we will delay setting up until the conditions are safe. Ultimately it is up to you to provide a backup location if you are concerned about rain- we do not provide a fully indoor alternative when an outdoor ceremony is booked. There are covered areas at Cocoa Beach that overlook the ocean as a backup for light rain.

Our photo policy: All of our packages come with professional photography. If you choose to bring additional photographers, arrangements must be made in advance. Your guests are welcome to take photos and video as well. In order to achieve excellent photos for you, we ask that your guests do not take pictures while we are taking them. We will call your guests up by groups when they are needed for photos. All photographs made by our professional photographers are the official property of the photographer- you will be given a USB of images for your personal use, along with a copyright release letter so that you can print/upload your images freely. Your USB will be mailed to you within 2 to 6 weeks of your ceremony. We are using flash photography on these premises, and by entering you consent to the use of your image and likeness by our company for any use. 

Shipping charges: We cover the cost of standard shipping. Any other charges (such as duty taxes if applicable) associated with your shipment will be your responsibility.

Pricing & Packages: All prices, services, policies, and procedures are subject to change without notice. If there is a price increase or product change after you have made a deposit on a ceremony, it will not affect your price or the elements of your package. Your package and price will remain as described in your confirmation.

Come dressed and ready: Although there are restroom facilities at the beach, they are not comfortable for changing- it is best to get ready at your hotel/villa. If you are arriving separately, please stagger your arrival times at 30 minutes and 15 minutes prior to the ceremony. Your guests should arrive between 15 and 30 minutes prior. This assures us that your ceremony will start on time.

By planning your wedding or vow renewal ceremony with Central Florida Wedding Group, you are agreeing to the above policies.

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